Strategic Time Management

Win The Race Against Time

If you feel you are always in a race against time, juggling your roles
at work and home, Strategic Time Management is the ideal 3-day investment for you. Through years of research and experience with 13,000 people, we believe no one has been born with time management. You can learn it. STM's cutting-edge system allows you to meet your daily targets and plans to reach a meaningful long-term goal. Our sys­tem ensures that you never miss a commitment and have enough time for the things that matter most.

The Challenges

  • Inability to fulfill commitments;
  • Over-whelmed with endless lists of tasks;
  • Inability to manage time effectively;
  • Experiencing difficulties in managing different roles in life;
  • Unclear about the direction of one’s life.
The Contents


As a preamble, we introduce the concepts of vision, purpose, balance, and leadership.



As a guide to prioritizing all our activities, we teach the Eisenhower Grid, later refined by Stephen Covey as Time Quadrants, which classifies all activities in our life according to their importance and urgency.



In this module, we explain the significant role our will and determination have in the execution and successful implementation our decisions.



Lastly, we connect all the covered concepts for providing you with a powerful game plan to manage your time and organize your life.


Length of Training

Spread over 22 instructional hours, the workshop is an interactive amalgamation of lecture sessions, individual and group exercises, presentations by the participants, and quizzes. Depending on the profile of the participants, we customize the workshop’s layout. Concepts developed in different modules are unified at the end. A minimum of three days is required. Sometimes on request, the number of days is increased for reducing the hours per day.


Delivery Options

  • Open house trainings;
  • On site corporate trainings.

What You Receive

  • GK Book, a tool for managing your commitments;
  • Workshop manual


  • By understanding the importance of a clear vision in life, your focus on what you really want to achieve in your life will increase.
  • Your decision making will become thoughtful and aligned with your vision.
  • Exclusive planning concepts and tools will enable you to reduce stress by eliminating day-to-day confusions created by today’s fast-paced environment.
  • You will be better equipped to handle emergencies, urgencies, and uncertainties and with increased effectiveness.
  • Your determination in the pursuit of your goals will increase, and you the bitcoin tumbler will regain control of those aspects of your life that have eluded you due to lack of will and persistence.
  • Through effective prioritization, you will be able to streamline your work  with your vision by building efficiencies in your daily routines.
  • You will achieve the inner peace and tranquility, which come from having a meaningful life and knowing that you are striving towards a worthy and valuable vision.
  • If you are already working towards a worthy vision, this workshop will give you the invaluable tools for effectively translating your vision into reality.
  • People are the basic and the most important building blocks of companies, corporations, and organizations. By inspiring excellence in people and empowering them with the above described knowledge and tools, we enhance productivity and inspire a sense of teamwork in the organization.
  • The concepts and strategies advocated in the workshop are powerful management tools also for you as an organizational leader and manager. By having standardized concepts, processes, and routines in your team, you will improve the utilization of organizational time. Furthermore, your ability to delegate tasks and follow-up with your team will also be greatly enhanced.

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