Resilience Training

Organizations To Build Resilience At All Levels

Knock-Life works with Organizations To Build Resilience At All Levels

“Resilience is being tested in people and from our experience, more and more clients are asking us to help their people… and we are passionate about helping the future to be brighter because we really do care. We are seeing data regularly coming through that people are feeling higher levels of stress which is really wearing them out. When we talk to people, they describe their lives like they are “swimming against the tide” and there are invisible forces always pushing against them. We help people to understand how “the tide” works in their unique life and what small changes they can make so that they can feel positive forces around them and feel stronger for longer at work and at home. Happier people work Faster, Longer and Smarter!”

Raza I Mustafa Chaudhary, Knock-Life

Why Build Resilience?

Clear evidence states that people are feeling 20% more stress than they did 25 years ago. Also, the ability to be smart with our feelings decreased by 1% in the Asia Pacific region for 6 years in a row, only to be relatively neutral in the last year. People are struggling and if we had a room full of people with us right now they would be describing working longer hours, not taking breaks, the effects or technology, and the pressures of family life. Resilience is a skill people are literally crying out to be helped with.