Knock-Life’s Pay Back to Society

Through this work, we seek to gain the pleasure of Allah (SWAT). Hoping that this work will become our source of forgiveness on the day of judgment, we strive to relieve humanity from the oppression of being away from their Creator we believe that this is one of the most meaningful works on this earth and that we feel blessed and grateful that Allah (SWAT) has given us the Taufeeq and the opportunity to be a part of “Knock-Life.”

Education & Tarbiyah for Every Child (ETEC)

We at “Knock-Life” believe that every student has the potential to develop into a well-rounded individual who is capable of mastering the skills that are essential to achieve academic excellence and success in an ever-changing world. To contribute to this noble mission, “Knock-Life” strives to provide educational support for deserving students in society. We are supporting students in many different ways, and it enables them to achieve their GOALS.

Knock-Life’s Studio (KLS)

Prophet Mohamad (PBUH) spent significant time in individual coaching & Mentoring. Experience shows that individual Dawah (One On One Coaching) is the most effective and powerful form of impacting people. Through "KLS," we wish to institutionalize this tradition and combine our centuries-old Islamic heritage and the most modern techniques and ways into a powerful, robust and elegant framework for transforming the youth. “Knock Studio” inspires, educates, and empowers youth so that they can unleash their potential and realize their dreams. It aims to facilitate and guide young Pakistanis and contribute to transforming a child into responsible and valuable members of society.

My First “GIG” Project (MFG)

We know and believe that with financial stability comes peace of mind, an attribute that is very important to the work we do. Precisely for this reason, in “Knock-Life” we have established an entity. The aim of this project is to enable the deserving youth of the society to earn by teaching them digital skills to be sustainable in society. We are teaching below listed digital skills to deserving youth.

• Graphic Designing, 3D Modeling & Web Development
• Audio/Video Editing
• Social Media Marketing

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