Emotional Intelligence Training

Organizations To Develop Emotional Intelligence At All Levels

Knock-Life Works With Organizations To Develop Emotional Intelligence At All Levels.

“Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) is our passion at The Training Guru and we are seen nationally by many clients as their experts in this space. EQ is consistently listed as one of the top soft skills that companies and their leaders are looking to develop in their people. Why? It is closely linked to success in Leadership, how we work in Teams, how we build Resilience, how we remain Productive, how we influence enabling Innovation and Change, and most definitely how well we can Sell. The most important life skills that the Training Guru offers are encompassed in this area as time and time again we run sessions specifically building these skills.”

Raza I Mustafa Chaudhary, Knock-Life

Why develop Emotional Intelligence?

Clear evidence states that people are feeling 20% more stress than they did 25 years ago. Also, the ability to be smart with our feelings decreased by 1% in the Asia Pacific region for 6 years in a row, only to be relatively neutral in the last year. People are struggling and if we had a room full of people with us right now they would be describing working longer hours, not taking breaks, the effects or technology, and the pressures of family life. EQ is a skill people are literally crying out to be helped with.

Examples of our Emotional Intelligence modules include:

  • Emotional Intelligence for Beginners with Practical Tools that make a Difference
  • Discovering your Inner Purpose
  • EQ Assessment and unique/individual plan for improvement
  • Getting Things Said without becoming Aggressive
  • EQ within Team Climate and Culture
  • Coaching EQ in Ourselves and Others

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