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Coaching Process

Coaching is not telling people what you think they should do. Coaching is about helping someone gain insights into a situation. In the Coaching process, Coachee is the Expert; while knowing their situation better, they decide while getting empowerment from their Coach. Coaching is a conversation IMPACT. An Effective coaching conversation influences someone’s understanding, learning, behavior, and progress.

Creating Powerful Coach –Coachee Relationship to Accelerate & Implement Their Visions

A Success coach acts as accountability partner to empower clients choose and follow their success path responsibly to unleash their full potential. The coaching conversation brings Change in thinking and actions of the Coachee and Without this conversation He/She was unlikely to have that learning. Person being coached (COACHEE) gains increased clarity regarding the situation or topic, which enables them to make progress in some way. A coach facilitates discussion that increases an individual’s awareness, insight and available choice in a situation. Coaches use the advances skill of listening, questions and reflection to create a powerful experience for the Coachee. A coach believes in the ability of the individual to create ideas, decide for themselves, and move their situation forward.

Powerful Coaching Engagements Create Lasting Impacts:

Clients/Coachee are demanding a high return for their coaching investment. Accordingly, best practice coaches must deliver levels of productivity, effectiveness, innovation and impact which could not otherwise have been obtained. The Power of the coaching engagement flows from. The structure of the relationship. The coach’s skill in moving the Coachee towards high impact goals. The Coachee ‘s commitment and willingness to change. The coach-Coachee relationship is best described as a partnership, one in which both sides work together to reach an agreed-upon destination. Coach’s interventions clarify individual’s purpose, vision and mission. Coachee can understand his/her Why, Purpose and great Vision. It also empowers Coachee to understand his/her insight and what others perceive about him/her. Improvement in behavior and language skills are the power results which coaching engagements create in Coachee’ s self.

Why Implement Coaching?

Coaching – people is such an interesting adventure There is often an individual who needs a little more support to really fly. Coaching is an intimate way of helping a person find their potential. It can be very targeted in what is developed.
Working one-on-one with Rimchaudhary through a coaching program will improve your performance, help you to gain insight into your relationships, improve your communication, increase your effectiveness, and help achieve your life balance. When the objectives are accomplished, the coaching engagement is over.

What Distinguishes Coaching From Counselling, Therapy, Training And Consulting.

Coaching is totally a different game plan with respect to training and consulting. it need Familiarity with the specialist vocabulary of coaching. A coach develops real relationship with his/her Coachee which creates a level of trust and respect. Such relationship Helps the client to define the present situation in detail and Asks powerful questions that provoke insight, discovery and action. Provides clear and articulate feedback. Supports the client’s growing self-awareness. Makes the client aware of incongruences between their thoughts, emotions and actions. Shows the client areas of strength and elicits and supports their resources. Show the client where habits are holding them back and supports any change they want to make. Celebrates the client’s success. Works with the client to overcome limiting beliefs. Explores the client’s values and makes the client aware of them. Does not impose their own values. Works with the client to clarify their goals and check that they are congruent with their values. Clearly requests actions that will lead the client towards their goals.

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