About The Team

About The Team

Engr. Raza I Mustafa Chaudhary

Lead Trainer and Founder/CEO

Raza I Mustafa Chaudhary (Raza Chaudhary / Rimchaudhary) is a name among 224 million Pakistanis who struggled and succeeded ahead in their default lives in search of success, happiness, and contentment.

In his successful journey, he has experienced a professional Engineer’s life, which started proudly with the world’s No.1 oil-producing company (Saudi Aramco). He performed various roles and became part of a multi-Billion $ project team to design, purchase, construct, and commission the world’s largest Light Arabian Crude Oil Producing Facility at Khurais – Saudi Arabia.

He is carrying A decade-long working experience with, A-fortune 100 company (Honeywell International), where he led & Executed multimillion $ strategic projects with prime customers in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia, Including Pakistan).

Raza was ready for his next mountain. After significant self-discovery, Raza saw that the patterns in his life centered on developing people and organizations. On his journey, he learned that an unyielding passion achieved this. Raza was always passionate about adding value to the lives of others. In recent years, he has turned his career path as a Corporate trainer, an executive success Coach, public speaker, & Entrepreneur to inspire millions for them to live a creative life via  www.Knock-Life.com.

Forming his training company “Knock-Life” was the perfect fit. “It doesn’t seem like work when you do what you were made to do.

Waqas Arif Joiya

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Waqas’s passion for caring for others became more evident after he spent seven and a half years attending to his father, who was sick due to Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and paid three visits to the hospital weekly. He faced this most formidable challenge just at the age of 13 while he was a student in grade 7. In 2019 his father lost his battle against Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and left Waqas with sad and sorrow, but during these seven years of care attendance of his father, he learned a lot which later on helped him to pursue his passion To date, Waqas is just 21 years old but highly motivated, energetic, and visionary. He is studying Computer Science via a virtual university after graduating from Year 12, clearly highlighting that success does not need a formal

Education. He worked hard as he started working in freelancing tech platforms to stabilize his financial status. It allowed Waqas to put his signature on the social media marketing business. Known for his high-quality services and attention to detail, this part of his business quickly grew and was highly successful. He learns about ways people could improve their health and well-being. His patience and kindness made him a valued part of his community.


We are organized well ahead of the actual training. Waqas runs all of this and supports Raza Chaudhary in every aspect of facilitating the introductory course. Waqas will often be the contact person as we find ways to provide you with the best possible training solutions. Waqas continues to study training methods and apply these ideas as “Knock-Life” stays ahead in its abilities.


Waqas enjoys spending time with his mother, family, friends, great food, and social media outside work. These passions he keeps sharing with his family.

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